Finding out you’re unexpectedly pregnant is difficult enough without the added stress of having a partner who doesn’t support your pregnancy.

No matter how you’re feeling right now, it’s understandable. But you’re not alone in this, and resources are available to help.

This article will outline steps you can take to evaluate your situation and tips for moving forward.

If you want to talk to someone about your pregnancy options and learn more about services that are available to help, contact Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center to schedule a confidential appointment provided at no cost to you.

Evaluate Your Relationship with Your Partner

It’s essential to know that the choice about how to move forward in the pregnancy is yours alone. Your pregnancy options include parenting, adoption, and abortion.

If you want to continue your pregnancy and parent, your partner is legally obligated to help financially provide for the child.

However, if you’re planning on staying with your partner, and you two disagree on how to move forward, it’s critical to consider your relationship. The following questions can help:

  • Does my partner respect me and my decision?
  • Has my partner shared their feelings about my decision?
  • Is my partner open-minded? Do I think he’ll come around to my point of view?
  • If my partner and I can’t agree, how can we move forward together?

Protect Your Mental Health

Making your own pregnancy decision—without feeling forced into one choice over another—is critical for protecting your mental health.

Studies have found that feeling pressured into an abortion is a risk factor for experiencing mental health complications like depression and anxiety.

While it’s ideal that your partner will respect and support your pregnancy decision, if he refuses, you will have some difficult decisions to make (like speaking with a couple’s counselor or potentially moving forward without your partner).

You’re Not Alone

Trying to navigate a pregnancy when your partner doesn’t support it can make you feel alone, isolated, and confused. However, our team at Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center is here for you.

e offer a safe, welcoming space to ask questions and share your experience. We also provide pregnancy services and information, all at no cost to you.

Contact us today to schedule a confidential appointment.

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