Unplanned Doesn’t Mean Impossible

Parenting can feel overwhelming, even for those who plan to become pregnant. But an unplanned pregnancy can be incredibly overwhelming—your mind races with thoughts about the physical, emotional, and financial responsibilities of having a child.

Even though your pregnancy was unplanned, you are as capable of successfully raising a child as someone who planned for parenthood. Perhaps the most important factor for success is providing your child with a strong support system that begins with you.

How Do You Know If You’re Ready to Parent?

Some additional factors to consider when deciding whether to parent include:

  • What kind of support system do you have?
  • What adjustments will you need to make with your job or education?
  • What additional support will you need to raise a child financially?

The Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center can help you work through these questions and discuss any additional concerns you may have. We will also provide you with referrals to local agencies to help with housing, medical expenses, and counseling.

Help is Available

In addition to community resources, the parenting program for new or expectant parents connects you with a personal parenting coach whom you meet with every other week until your child is two.

Parenting coaches help you navigate through topics such as:

  • What to expect during pregnancy
  • How to have a healthy pregnancy
  • Childbirth
  • Newborn and infant care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Child development
  • Effective parenting
  • Raising a healthy child
  • Plus additional helpful topics (crisis management, healthy relationship tips, and basic budgeting)

Our Earn While You Learn program is free and available to both men and women. Men and women who participate in this program can earn free cribs, car seats, diapers, clothing, and other baby necessities.

The unique role of fathers is addressed specifically through our men’s services department, where male staff and trained coaches meet one-on-one with fathers who are participating. Moms get the same opportunity to connect with their own personal mentors.

Talk With Us About Parenthood

Parenting can be daunting. Fortunately, there is help available for you if you recently became pregnant and choose to parent your child. The Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center’s Parenting program is an excellent resource and can help you become an equipped, empowered parent.

Please schedule an appointment today to discuss your thoughts about parenting and your other options.

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