If you just found out you are unexpectedly pregnant, the thought of breaking the news to your parents can feel overwhelming. What will they say? How will they react? Will they support your decisions?

Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate telling your parents about your pregnancy.

When Is the Best Time to Tell the News?

An ideal time to tell the news is when your parents are relaxed, not rushed, and able to listen. If they are preoccupied or getting ready to go to work, they may feel stressed or unable to give you their full attention.

While there isn’t a perfect time, use your best judgment. It may be worth waiting if you think there could be a better time.

Should I Bring My Partner with Me?

Whether or not you should bring your partner with you depends on how your parents may react to the news.

If you think your parents’ reaction to your partner could be volatile, you may want to exclude him from the initial conversation.

However, if your parents are familiar with him and have a relationship with him and there aren’t any concerns of backlash, you can bring him. He can support you as you share the news.

What if My Parents Don’t Take the News Well?

Sharing unexpected pregnancy news with them is likely a first. You may be able to guess, but you won’t know for sure how they will react.

Before starting the conversation, know that their initial reactions and feelings can evolve over time. Because of the shock and surprise of the situation, they may react differently than they would if they had time to think and process.

If they don’t take the news well, don’t lose heart. Their feelings could change over time. Please read the next question and answer if you are concerned about abuse.

I’m Worried About Violence and Abuse. What Can I Do?

If you’re worried one or more of your parents could have a violent outburst or subject you or your partner to physical, verbal, or emotional abuse, help is available.

Contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline for support.

Some general safety precautions you can take include telling your parents over the phone or in a public place. You can also bring a friend or support person with you for safety.

What if They Try to Tell Me What to Do About My Pregnancy?

While your parents have made decisions for you throughout your childhood, your unexpected pregnancy decision is different. You must choose for yourself.

If you are pressured into a choice you don’t want to make, it can lead to resentment and potential mental health issues.

You don’t have to have your mind made up about your pregnancy when you share the news with your parents. However, firmly set boundaries about your decision.

They can share information and their opinions, but ultimately, you have to be the one to decide.

How Can Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center Assist Me?

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