With the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, many women question whether they can receive the abortion pill via telehealth. While this may be possible, it depends on the laws governing the state you reside in and the individual provider.

Why Is It Complicated?

First, since many states have begun to restrict abortion access, many laws ban the type of abortion women may seek in specific states. To understand what these restrictions are, it is best to check what your state’s laws specifically are.

Second, the abortion pill induces a process known as a medical abortion, which utilizes a medication regimen to end a pregnancy. Due to the nature of a medical abortion, there are associated risks and specifications of use providers wish to discuss with patients before prescribing the abortion pill. Many providers do not feel comfortable discussing risks and obtaining the necessary in-depth health history over a telehealth appointment.

Due to these two reasons, telehealth appointments may not always provide access to an abortion pill prescription.

What Are the Risks I Should Discuss With My Provider?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, there are particular risks and time restrictions associated with a medical abortion that women should be aware of for their safety. This can also be an unsafe option for some women who meet the following criteria:  

  • Have a pregnancy over 9 weeks
  • Have an ectopic pregnancy
  • Have disorders associated with blood clotting
  • Have substantial anemia
  • Have chronic adrenal failure
  • Are long-term corticosteroid users
  • Have an IUD in place
  • Have allergies related to medications used
  • Do not have emergency access
  • Do not have the ability to return for a follow-up

What Now?

If you’re unsure what your options may be and need help understanding what is available to you, contact us today. Our helpful staff is here to assist you with your needs and answer any questions you may have. Together we will keep you moving forward in your journey and care.

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