If you are considering mail-order abortion, there are a few things you should know for your health and safety: the source of the abortion drugs, your ultrasound results, and the potential side effects and risks. 

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Keep reading to learn about the three things.

1. The Source of the Abortion Drugs 

The FDA only oversees and regulates pharmacies within the United States supply chain. If you order abortion drugs online from an unregulated pharmacy, you cannot be certain of the safety, effectiveness, or quality of the drugs. 

Additionally, you will not know if you received the correct drug in the proper dosage. If considering mail-order abortion, understand that all sources are not the same or equally safe.

2. Your Ultrasound Results

After finding out about your pregnancy, your next step is to schedule an ultrasound scan. 

An ultrasound will share critical health details to reveal your options. It answers three key questions.

1. Is Your Pregnancy Located Inside or Outside of the Uterus?

If your pregnancy is located outside the uterus, it is ectopic. Ectopic pregnancies are life-threatening, so an ultrasound will ensure you know to seek immediate medical treatment.

2. Is Your Pregnancy Progressing with a Heartbeat?

If an ultrasound detects a heartbeat, it means your pregnancy is progressing. If a heartbeat is not detected, you might have miscarried, or it might be too early to detect. 

While some miscarriages can resolve on their own, some may require medical treatment.

3. How Long Have You Been Pregnant? 

An ultrasound will take measurements to determine how long you have been pregnant. Based on your pregnancy’s gestational age, you will know which pregnancy options are available to you.

For instance, the FDA has only approved the abortion pill through 10 weeks of pregnancy. After this timeframe, an abortion provider might recommend another type of abortion.

3. Potential Side Effects and Risks

Before you move forward with any medical procedures, you should learn about all the potential side effects and risks. This will help you make an informed choice with complete information.

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