Free & Confidential Care in Colorado Springs

Pregnancy Center

All of the services at the pregnancy center in Colorado Springs are free and confidential. The pregnancy center in Colorado Springs has several convenient locations. Please contact us today to make an appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Central Location - 719-591-2724 - 3700 Galley Road, Colorado Springs

Westside Location - 719-623-2870 - 3925 Centennial Blvd., Colorado Springs

Pregnancy Center Colorado Springs - Services Offered
The pregnancy center in Colorado Springs offers the following services free of charge:
  • Pregnancy Tests - These tests will help you know whether you are pregnant.
  • Ultrasounds - The center offers free limited ultrasounds. These ultrasounds provide valuable information regarding the viability of the pregnancy, the stage of the baby's development, and any noticeable complications.
  • Abortion information - A caring professional can discuss the various abortion procedures and risks. Many women have found it helpful to discuss options and the feeling they are having regarding the abortion procedure.
  • Counseling - We want to hear your story and listen to your future dreams. We will provide a listening ear and also counsel you regarding your future choices.
  • Help for the father - If the child's father is involved, we encourage him to come for one-on-one counseling as well. The pain and fear is often just as real for the father and we can offer the support he needs.
  • Mentoring and Classes - Educational opportunities are available for women and men who are interested in prenatal development, nutrition during pregnancy, what to expect during childbirth, the basics of first aid, and many more relevant topics. When you participate in the classes, you can earn credit toward helpful items like a baby crib, car seat, baby clothes and other supplies.
  • STD Testing - We offer free STD testing for those who suspect they may have an STD.
Pregnancy Center Colorado Springs - Walking With You
At this point in your life's journey, you are making an important decision-one that will impact your future. We'll discuss your options with you and help you make the correct choice. Your journey is confidential with us and we will respect your privacy. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.
Central Location
3700 Galley Rd.,
Colorado Springs
Call: 719-591-2724

Westside Location
3925 Centennial Blvd.,
Colorado Springs
Call: 719-623-2870

Fountain Location
97 Widefield Blvd,
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
Call: 719-591-5221