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Abortion Alternatives in the Colorado Springs Area

Do you find yourself in a difficult situation, investigating an abortion center in Colorado Springs? Perhaps you recently found out you're pregnant and you don't know where to turn. Or maybe you have known about your pregnancy for a few months and are feeling the need to reconsider your choice to keep your baby. Many women have found it helpful to sit down with a friendly and compassionate professional and discuss their options and feelings. We encourage you to take the time to be sure you are making the correct decision.

There is a resource available to you. We encourage you to visit us at the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center. We will sit down together and discuss your options and let you make an informed decision. You can talk with licensed medical personnel and receive answers to your questions about abortion and the risks involved.

Abortion Center Colorado Springs - What do we provide?
  • A listening ear - You are making a life-changing decision and we are here to listen. We want to hear your story and discover the journey you have been walking. We will listen as you share your present fears and your dreams for the future.
  • The facts - Our facilitators are very familiar with the abortion procedures and can answer any questions you have about how abortion works and the risks involved. You have the right to understand the risks and side effects of any medical procedure. We are also familiar with the abortion center in Colorado Springs and can guide you in your decision.
  • Ultrasound - Before you make decisions that impacts you and your unborn child, it is wise to see the baby and how he/she is developing. You should be aware of what week of pregnancy you are in and how your child is growing.
  • Help for the father - Women aren't the only ones impacted by an unexpected pregnancy. We offer one-on-one support with a male facilitator. They can discuss the options, emotions, and how to be supportive of the mother. The pain and fear is often just as real for men and we are glad to provide support for the men as well.
We offer many services to you, including ultrasounds. This allows you to know where your child is in development and use that information in your decision.

Abortion Center Colorado Springs - Mentoring
Should you decide to parent your baby, we will provide mentoring opportunities and education on pre-natal development, pregnancy nutrition, childbirth, first aid, and other helpful topics. We can also discuss the option of adoption. When you participate and complete classes, you can earn credits toward items in the LifeSteps Baby Boutique. At the boutique, you can earn a crib or car seat, baby clothing, and other baby supplies.

Our main concern is that you are able to think through your decision and understand all your options. We encourage you to come and talk with us. We are here for you. All services are free and confidential. Call our office for more information 719-591-2724.
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