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Free Baby Stuff in Colorado Springs

Are you looking for free baby stuff in Colorado Springs? If so, we have just the resource for you. The Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center offers free baby stuff for parents who need help preparing for their little one.

Participants who complete classes at the pregnancy center receive credits to the LifeSteps Baby Boutique. You can earn free baby stuff like baby clothes, cribs, car seats, and other helpful supplies. The boutique will give you a head-start on providing the essentials for your new baby.

The classes teach valuable information that will come in handy throughout the process:
Pregnancy - You'll learn nutritional information about pregnancy and how to keep your baby healthy. You'll also study the various trimesters and how your baby grows and develops along the way. Get your questions answered about pregnancy and prenatal development.

Childbirth - Discover what to expect during childbirth and how to best prepare for the experience. Childbirth can be scary for many women and it is calming to know in advance what to expect. Have your questions answered and talk through your concerns with others.

Parenthood - You'll learn basic first aid, baby and toddler nutrition, and other helpful information for those first few years of your baby's life. Be prepared for motherhood and learn from other parents.

We can help you prepare for each stage of pregnancy - conception through birth - as well as the weeks following birth. We desire to help you be the best parent possible.

All services at the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center are free of charge and confidential. Call our office today at 719-591-2724 for a class schedule and more information about how to get free baby stuff in Colorado Springs.
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