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Abortion Facts You Should Know

There are certain facts about abortion and you should be aware of them no matter what your spiritual or political views. Many women have an abortion without discussing the procedure with anyone. Before undergoing the procedure, become educated about the facts:

  1. Abortion is a choice. Do not let anyone force you into the procedure. Be sure you understand the procedure and make an informed decision about what is best for you and your baby.
  2. Abortion has risks. As with any medical procedure, you should know the physical and emotional risks prior to the procedure. It is your right to be informed.
  3. Abortion will not make it all go away. Many women think an abortion will wipe away all the confusion and fears so they can move on with their lives. It is not the case. It is a life changing event and has consequences.
  4. There are several abortion procedures, depending on what stage you are in your pregnancy. Be sure to discuss the details of the abortion and understand exactly what it entails.
  5. Abortion ends a life. It is fact that when an abortion is complete, it ends a life. The life of the baby can never be regained.
Facts about Abortion in the USA
The Guttmacher Institute provides these facts about abortion in the United States:
  • Abortion is declining in the USA and is at its lowest rate since 1973.
  • Half of the pregnancies among American women are unintended.
  • Four in 10 pregnancies end in abortion.
  • One in 10 women will have an abortion by age 20 and 3 in 10 by age 45.
  • Most women are in their 20s when they have an abortion.
  • Teens account for 2 in 10 abortions.
  • Six in 10 women who have an abortion already have a child. They don't think they can care for another.
  • Abortions are concentrated among the poor. Four in every 10 have incomes that fall below the poverty line.
It is also wise to understand facts about your baby:
  • Your baby's heart began to beat 18-21 days after fertilization. For most women, the baby's heart is beating by the time they begin to wonder if they are pregnant.
  • Your baby's brainwaves could be detected as early as 40 days following fertilization.
  • During the seventh to tenth week (when most abortions are performed) fingers and genitals appear and the child's face can be seen.
Facts about Abortion - Don't be a Statistic
Do you fit into those facts about abortion? Are you considering adding yourself to those statistics? Do you find the decision stressful? You are not alone. We encourage you to sit down with one of our friendly professionals and discuss the options for you and your baby.

You are making a life-changing decision and we are here to listen. We want to hear your story and discover the journey you have been walking. We will listen as you share your present fears and your dreams for the future. We can discuss the abortion procedure with you-the risks and the side effects. Every situation is unique and we will be honored to be part of your solution.
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