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Early Signs of Pregnancy and What They Mean

Every woman is different so every woman's early signs of pregnancy are different too! In fact, women who have more than one child report that their symptoms from one child to the next can be very different.

Here are some common early signs of pregnancy, but please remember that these symptoms can be caused by other things as well. They are not necessarily symptoms of pregnancy.

Fatigue - Many report that tiredness starts early on in their pregnancy.

Spotting - You may mistake this bleeding as the start of your period, but notice it is just spotting instead of a regular period.

Cramping - These cramps sometimes feel like the cramps you get during your period.

Discharge - This discharge is often a white milky substance. It is harmless and doesn't need treatment.

Breast changes - Due to hormone changes, breasts can become swollen, heavy, tender, or sore.

Mood swings - The mood swings from your monthly cycle may continue through early pregnancy.

Lightheaded - Some women say they are lightheaded early in pregnancy or even dizzy. Others also report shortness of breath.

Nausea - Vomiting usually doesn't start until weeks 6-9, but can sometimes begin earlier than that.

Back pain or headaches - Some women report back pain and/or headaches early in pregnancy.

Constipation and bloating - Sometimes women find their digestive system starts feeling a little off in early pregnancy.

Heightened sense of smell - If you find you're repulsed my certain smells more than normal, this might be an early sign of pregnancy.

Late period - If you miss your period and you're normally right on time, it is time for a pregnancy test.

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