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Baby Clothes in Colorado Springs

Are you looking for inexpensive baby clothes in Colorado Springs? When you participate in and complete classes at the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center, you can earn credits toward items at the LifeSteps Baby Boutique. The boutique features all sorts of fun and practical items for your baby - baby clothes, cribs, car seats, and other supplies. Best of all, the items are free for those who complete classes!

The classes at the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center teach parents about many relevant topics, including:
  • Prenatal development - You will learn about the various stages of pregnancy and what to expect during each one. Discover how your baby develops and grows during each trimester.
  • Nutrition - How should you eat during your pregnancy in order to provide you and your baby with the nutrition you need? What should you avoid eating? Will just a little alcohol hurt? What about a little pot? These questions will be answered during the classes.
  • Childbirth - What should you expect during childbirth? Learn about the birthing process and how to prepare to meet your little one.
  • First aid - This class will teach you how to treat minor injuries to your child. You will also learn how to be prepared for different situations and understand how to care for your new baby.
On your way to earning baby clothes, you'll be learning essential skills and knowledge!

Contact the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center at 719-591-2724 for a schedule of classes and for answers on any questions you have about how to receive baby clothes in Colorado Springs. We're here to help you and support you along this journey to parenthood.
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