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Abortion Pill and Possible Issues

The abortion pill is available in Colorado Springs. It is called RU-486 and the pill is available for women up to 63-70 days pregnant. The pill, also known as Mifeprex, deprives the baby of necessary nutrients and induces an abortion. The pregnancy center does not offer or refer for the abortion pill. If you are looking for the abortion pill in Colorado Springs, we encourage you to contact our office for more information on this medication and the risks involved.

How does it work? The pill is an artificial steroid that interferes with progesterone that your uterine lining needs in order to nourish your child. The abortion pill causes your body to not transmit the progesterone signal. Your body reacts by not going through the process to nourish your growing baby. Your baby starves to death and the pregnancy will terminate.

Abortion Pill - Side Effects
Side effects of this abortion procedure include: bleeding for 3 weeks or more, swelling of lips or face, cramping, pain, vomiting, chills, dizziness, fatigue, infection, back pain, and other complications. Side effects to the baby include starvation and death. Emotional side effects are feelings of loss, confusion, grief-maybe all at once. The key is to talk to someone about your feelings.

The abortion pill has a success rate of 92-95% and the average cost is $490.

If you would like more information about abortion, contact our office for free options counseling in the Colorado Springs area. All services are free of charge. We will keep everything confidential and offer you the support you need during this time. Let's sit down and talk through your options.
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