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The Cost of Abortions Depends on the Factors Involved

One of the common questions we receive at our center in Colorado Springs is, "How much are abortions?" Since the answer varies dramatically based on many factors, this question is hard to answer. The cost is dependent on the stage of pregnancy you are in, how advanced the abortion needs to be, the type of abortion you need to have, and where you will have the procedure done. We do not offer abortions or abortion referrals at our center.

If you are in your first trimester, an abortion will cost somewhere between $350-$1000. Abortion pills vary in cost depending on the provider. Various studies have found that the median cost is $490 for the RU-486, while others pay up to $800.

If you are further along in your pregnancy, the abortion procedure needs to be more advanced and complicated. The cost rises to $600-$2000.

Another factor that will influence the cost is where your abortion is performed-a private practice, clinic, or hospital.

How much are abortions? - The Emotional Costs
There are also emotional costs to your abortion. When researching the financial cost, it is wise to factor in the emotional costs as well.

Women who have had abortions report feelings of regret, grief, anger, loneliness, depression, rage, and anxiety. Others struggle with on-going relationship issues, especially when these emotional costs are minimized or ignored by family and friends.

Post Abortion Syndrome is real and is experienced by many women who have an abortion. The symptoms range from mild depression to suicidal thoughts. Other symptoms manifest as eating disorders, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and self-harm. It is very important that all women who suffer with Post Abortion Syndrome find help through professional therapy. We can help with those needs.

How much are abortions? - The Risks
There are also risks to your abortion. Before undergoing any medical procedure, you deserve to know all the risks associated with the method. Ask your doctor for the risks and side effects and make sure you understand exactly what will be done during the procedure. The most common risks are abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, spotting, bleeding, infection, and sexual discomfort or difficulties.

How much are abortions? - Considering all the Costs
When making this important decision, consider all the costs. Many women have walked this journey before you. Contact our office in the Colorado Springs area today or stop in. You will find a listening ear and an understanding person to discuss all your options with you. When we have to make difficult choices in life, it is important to get wise counsel and make sure we understand all our options. We're here to provide you with each of those important aspects.
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