Free & Confidential Care in Colorado Springs

Where to Get Free Pregnancy Tests?

If you suspect you may be pregnant, the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center offers free pregnancy tests for those in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

Pregnancy tests are designed to indicate whether your urine or blood contains hCG (human chorionic gondadotropin). This hormone is produced right after a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus. The hormone is usually elevated about six days after fertilization and continues to rise.

At the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center, your free pregnancy test will be:
  • Kept strictly confidential
  • Highly reliable and accurate
  • Performed in a safe and comfortable environment
Results are available immediately. You will have opportunity to talk with a trained professional about the results.

Free Pregnancy Tests in Colorado Springs
The crisis pregnancy center in Colorado Springs has been helping women and families for over 25 years, bringing hope to the city and changing lives. We provide many specialized services to help women and babies, as well as the men who are involved in the journey. Some of the free services available include free pregnancy tests, free STD tests, free counseling services, LifeSteps program for new mothers, and so much more. Contact us at one of our three convenient locations and come visit us today. Walk ins are always welcome.

Central Location - 719-591-2724 - 3700 Galley Road, Colorado Springs

Westside Location - 719-623-2870 - 3925 Centennial Blvd., Colorado Springs

Central Location
3700 Galley Rd.,
Colorado Springs
Call: 719-591-2724

Westside Location
3925 Centennial Blvd.,
Colorado Springs
Call: 719-623-2870

Fountain Location
97 Widefield Blvd,
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
Call: 719-591-5221