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What are the First Stages of Pregnancy

The first stages of pregnancy are different for each woman, so we will share common symptoms that women often experience during this first trimester.

  • Bleeding - Light spotting is common. If you experience heavy bleeding, contact your doctor.
  • Breast tenderness - This is caused by the hormone changes your body is experiencing.
  • Constipation - This is due to the higher levels of progesterone and the slower movement of food through your digestive system.
  • Discharge - Some women see a milky vaginal discharge.
  • Fatigue - Many women report to being more tired than normal during this stage.
  • Heartburn - Pregnancy sometimes causes stomach acid to leak into your esophagus, which causes heartburn.
  • Food cravings or aversions - Hormonal changes cause a change in your food preferences too!
  • Weight gain - You might see some change on the scale too.
  • Morning sickness - If nausea is severe, contact your doctor.
  • Increased urination - You might find yourself urinating more than usual. This is caused by your uterus enlarging on your bladder.
  • Dizziness - Since your blood vessels are dilating and your blood pressure is dropping, you may feel dizzy at times.
Emotional changes happen as well. You might feel overwhelmed, excited, scared� maybe even all at once! You might have doubts about your ability to parent and the next minute be excited. The key is to talk to someone about your feelings. We offer a range of free resources in the Colorado Springs area.

Contact our office or stop in. All services at our pregnancy health center are free and confidential. We will help you think through your situation and offer you the support you need during this first state of pregnancy.

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